Q: Is there a contract or a commitment when I sign up?

ANS: No. There is absolutely to contract or commitment. Cancel anytime. But because we’ll go above and beyond to earn and keep your business, you wouldn’t want to.

Q: Will steam damage the paint or clear coat of my car?

ANS: No. Although our Fortador steamers produce steam powerful enough to break down dirt and dust, it is safe to the human touch and will not harm your paint or clear coat. In fact our steam is safer on your vehicle’s clear coat that most drive through tunnel car washes.

Q: How many washes are included in the monthly subscription?

ANS: Each member gets 2 credits good for 2 washes every 30 days.

Q: Can I buy extra credit if I need to wash my car more the twice a month?

ANS: Yes. In any particular month you need more than two washes, simply purchase a additional credits, up to 10 extra per month. One extra wash credit is $24.99 for cars and $29.99 for trucks and SUVs. Extra credits will be charged to your credit card on file.

Q: Do credits expire?

ANS: Yes. Unused credits expire after 6 months.

Q: How quickly can I schedule a wash?

ANS: You can schedule a wash as quickly as 45 min or you can reserve a time slot as far ahead as 7 days.

Q: Do I have to be present at home when you arrive and/or during the wash?

ANS: Only if you need the interior vacuumed. If not, you don’t have to be home. When scheduling your wash, do not select the “keys will be provided” box. Our car wash experts will steam clean the exterior of your vehicle including the wheels and dress the tires right on your driveway.

Q: What if it rains?

ANS: If it is raining, our staff will assess the intensity of the rain. If it’s raining too hard, the ability to schedule a wash will be disabled for that day and any pre-scheduled washes will be credited back to customers.

Q: Can I guarantee a time slot to get my car cleaned every two weeks?

ANS: No. Our available time slots are on a first-come first-served basis. We recommend you schedule your wash 2-3 days ahead.

Q: How do I schedule a wash?

ANS: Simply log in to your account on our website or through our mobile app available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store, click “Schedule Car Wash”, select an available time slot and choose any additional services and whether keys will be provided, then hit “Submit”. You’ll receive a notification once your wash is confirmed. Then sit back and relax and our wash experts will show up at your door at the scheduled time.