Ways to Sign Up at VaporExpress

There are three ways to sign up, online, via our app or by phone. Once you become a member you can access your cleaning services right away. Each of our subscriber gets two cleaning credits they can use at any time based on availability. Our membership is billed monthly with no contract or long term commitments. Cancel anytime! You can login online or via our app, select an available time, add any extra services if needed and hit submit. Our carwash experts will arrive at your driveway at the selected time and provide your car with a wash experience that is second to none! Whether your car is due for a good cleaning or your need your ride to look its best for the night. We are dedicated to providing you with the kind of excellent service that you simply can't get from any other company.

Our Wash is Environmentally-Friendly

We love the environment and the environment loves us!. Our eco-friendly steam car wash doesn't use water or any chemicals. Instead, it uses a concentration of high-pressure steam to get your vehicle clean. As a result, you won't have to worry about polluting, water waste or staining your driveway. Even better, you won't have any streaks, scratches, or damage to your paint. That is why our unique dry car wash system has experienced explosive growth becoming an industry standard for the area.

Using Our High-Quality App

When you download our free mobile car wash app, you get access to an on demand car wash experience like no other. You sign up for our service and get two car wash credits every month. Each of these credits can be used for a car wash whenever you need it. However, you are free to purchase more if your vehicle is in need of a wash. For example, if you take your truck out mudding and need to get it clean before going to work, we have got your back. However, we find most of our customers do well when using just their initial two credits. After signing up with our service, you can either call our toll-free number or log in online with our app to choose a car wash time. We can take orders as soon as one hour before the wash.However, you can also schedule your steam car wash a week ahead of time to ensure that you get the time that you want.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

If you like what you've read about us at Vapor Express Car Wash, contact us today or download our free app. With our on demand car wash system, you'll never have to wait in line to get your car looking great again. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you schedule your first car wash appointment.